Organic coffee isn’t just one of the most popular beverages in the world – it’s also beneficial for you when consumed in moderation. This antioxidant-rich drink can support healthy energy levels, uplift and elevate your mood, promote healthy brain and liver functions and restore alertness and focus, all while providing a bold and exquisite flavor.

To bring you the world's cleanest, most potent and delicious organic coffee beans, the Health Ranger Store searched all over the globe for Fair Trade coffee beans that test extremely clean in our science lab for heavy metals, microbiology and glyphosate. Then we have those coffee beans hand-roasted and packaged the very same day. The coffee is still warm when we pack it! The end result is Health Ranger Select 100% Organic Hand-Roasted Whole Bean Coffee – seven unique blends of the highest-quality, lab-verified coffee beans, each with an unparalleled taste and aroma. We’ve even formulated one NEW coffee blend: Low Acid Blend (for coffee lovers who are sensitive to acidic coffee).

Sustainably and ethically sourced, all Health Ranger Select 100% Organic Hand-Roasted Whole Bean Coffee blends are vegan, non-GMO and certified organic and Fair Trade. By using state-of-the-art packaging methods, our premium coffee blends stay fresh while requiring no preservatives or chemicals whatsoever. They are also meticulously lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

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Introducing our NEW 100%




Low Acid Coffee


This unique certified organic coffee blend is created from a medium roast and a French roast from Honduras combined with another medium roast from Nicaragua. What makes it special is that it's considerably less acidic than other coffee blends, providing an enhanced flavor while being easier on the stomach. Our premium Low Acid blend has a unique, silky smooth flavor with hints of caramel, and a creamy, sweet and savory aroma unmatched by other coffees.

Like all Health Ranger Select Hand-Roasted Whole Bean coffee blends, this one is imported directly from small farmer cooperatives across the planet and is certified Fair Trade.

Taste: Milk Chocolate, Nutty, Caramel

Roast: Medium to Dark

Body: Medium

Acidity: Medium

MSRP: $23.95

Your Price: $18.95

Savings: $5.00 (21%)


It is much less acidic than other coffee blends

It is formulated for both

cold and hot brew



Coffee lovers are sure to be familiar with the high acidity of most coffee blends. But there is hope for coffee aficionados with sensitive digestive systems. With its low acid levels and exquisite taste, our low acid blend provides an enhanced flavor while being easier on the stomach.

Most other coffee beans are only meant for hot brew as their taste will be distorted if they are prepared as a cold brew. If you want to enjoy an occasional homemade iced coffee latte, then the low acid blend is the perfectly smooth and silky blend you’ve been looking for.



It stays fresh longer

when brewed cold

It has an enhanced taste

Smooth and sweet versus floral and acidic – any coffee aficionado can note the distinctive taste profiles that distinguish our low acid coffee from a hot cup of conventionally-brewed java. For those looking for a coffee blend with a more nuanced flavor profile, this is the coffee blend for you.

While regular hot coffee usually goes stale after a day, our low acid blend can last for roughly 10 to 14 days when brewed cold and refrigerated. Cold brew is where our low acid blend really shines – it lacks the sour and bitter taste of other coffee blends. 


Sumatra is the region where you can find the best coffee in all of Indonesia. What began as a means of promoting organic coffee growing in the Gayo region of Sumatra has now grown into a full-blown cooperative with over 2,000 members. The Permata Gayo cooperative continues to help coffee farmers protect and grow their yields in a lush yet perilous tropical climate.

In an effort to help residents of the Gayo region gain a steady income from Fair Trade coffee, the Permata Gayo co-op created our organic Sumatra blend, which is marked by sweet and earthy flavors. It is a medium roast with an earthy flavor, a full-bodied taste, and a cherry aroma. And today, our organic Sumatra blend is enjoyed by devoted and casual coffee drinkers around the world.



Taste: Hint of cherry

Roast: Medium

Body: Full

Acidity: Low

MSRP: $23.95

Your Price: $18.95

Savings: $7.00 (28%)


Ethiopia is known as the “birthplace of coffee.” The region itself is an expansive area covering mountains and valleys, nurturing an equally broad range of coffee profiles. As Ethiopia’s second largest coffee-producing cooperative union, the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU) represents 53 primary cooperatives and more than 80,000 farmers in the Sidama Zone. Members of SCFCU have been growing and processing Sidama coffee for more than 35 years, and they have been certified Fair Trade by the Fair Trade Labeling Organizations (FLO) since 2003.

Coffee has been part and parcel of the Ethiopian way of life for centuries. Their culture shines brightly in the diversity and quality of their coffee, which is a light to medium roast with a creamy body and the slight taste of red berries and cocoa.



Ethiopia Blend Coffee

Taste: Red berries, cocoa

Roast: Light to medium

Body: Creamy

Acidity: Delicate

MSRP: $23.95

Your Price: $18.95

Savings: $5.00 (21%)


For the most discerning of coffee drinkers, we’re proud to present an amalgamation of four different pre-roast blends. Sourced from four different sustainable cooperatives across the globe, 100% Organic Hand-Roasted Whole Bean Coffee (El Guapo Blend) packs a lot of soul into a small cup. This line of coffee beans has a creamy, sweet-and-savory flavor. It is then rounded out with a rotating roaster of brighter coffees that add a unique complexity to the taste.

By combining coffee beans from Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia, and Sumatra, this blend easily boasts one of the most complex aromas among Fair Trade, organic coffee blends. Fruity, sweet and intense, the El Guapo Blend espresso shows that a little goes a long way – perfect for those who love espresso, but want a more special taste.



El Guapo Blend

Taste: Fruity and sweet, yet savory

Roast: Medium

Body: Medium

Acidity: Mild

MSRP: $23.95

Your Price: $18.95

Savings: $5.00 (22%)


Our Organic Honey Processed Honduras blend comes from the country’s COMSA co-op, which uses innovative methods and practices, such as mixing natural and wet processing, to create coffee of exceptionally high quality. One of these innovative techniques is “honey processing.”

Despite its name, the honey processing method doesn't involve actual honey. The word honey is instead used to refer to the fermentation process the farmers employ. Unlike the typical method, which entails milling pulp and washing the mucilage off coffee cherries, honey processing keeps the mucilage or the “honey” on the cherries as they dry. The resulting coffee is clean and slightly sweet, with a distinctly fruity aroma, and an exquisite flavor with floral undertones – an exceptional Marcala classic.



Honey Coffee

Taste: Sweet, some tropical fruit, honey notes

Roast: Medium

Body: Medium to creamy

Acidity: Medium and balanced

MSRP: $23.95

Your Price: $18.95

Savings: $5.00 (21%)


Founded in 2001, Café Organico Marcala (COMSA) was created to assist 69 small-scale coffee farmers in Marcala, Honduras. Transitioning from conventional farming methods to organic proved to be immensely challenging at first. But by partnering with Corporacion Educativa para el Desarrollo Costarricense (CEDECO), COMSA farmers were soon able to transform their lands for the better.

These days, the thousand-strong COMSA farmers are recognized for their creative and ingenious organic practices that yield robust green coffee unique to the Marcala region. Using innovative methods and practices, the COMSA farmers created this decaf coffee blend of exceptionally high quality and exquisite flavor.

Decaf Honduras Coffee



Taste: Dark chocolate, kettle corn

Roast: Medium to Dark

Body: Medium

Acidity: Low

MSRP: $23.95

Your Price: $18.95

Savings: $5.00 (21%)


Though I am not a coffee fan myself, I have developed all the Health Ranger Select Organic Coffee blends together with the help of trusted connoisseurs. They all raved about the incredible, unique taste and rich aromas of my hand-roasted coffee blends. I have personally tested our organic coffee blends in my laboratory for heavy metals, microbiology and glyphosate. These drinks reflect the detailed attention to quality and cleanliness you'll find across our entire product selection.

– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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Aside from the amazing taste, coffee (especially 100% organic coffee blends) can also be beneficial

for your health when consumed in moderation.

It can restore

wakefulness and focus

It can support healthy

liver functions

It can maintain healthy cardiovascular function

Due to its natural caffeine content, organic coffee can help you stay alert and focused when consumed in moderation.

Organic coffee contains plant-based phytonutrients that can support a healthy liver.

 Coffee provides plenty of antioxidants that help protect your heart from the harmful effects of oxidative stress. When consumed in moderation, organic coffee can also support the healthy functions of your cardiovascular system.

It can support healthy cognitive function

It can promote healthy energy levels

It is naturally rich

in nutrients

Since caffeine is a natural stimulant, drinking organic coffee can help maintain healthy brain activity.

Organic coffee is the perfect drink for whenever you need a quick pick-me-up during a busy day. It contains plenty of caffeine that can support healthy energy levels and uplift your mood.

Organic coffee contains beneficial plant compounds and nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and B vitamins like niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.

Why choose Health Ranger Select


All our blends are lab verified for cleanliness and purity – You can trust that we conduct extensive lab tests on ALL production lots of our Organic Hand-Roasted Whole Bean Coffee. To ensure you get the cleanest hand-roasted, whole bean coffee on the market, all our blends are thoroughly lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.  

All our blends are certified organic and non-GMO – Here at the Health Ranger Store, we wholeheartedly take into account the processes that bring us our high-quality drinks and food items – from the fields and pastures, right to our dining tables. That's why we've made sure our coffee beans are grown under strict organic standards and are completely non-GMO. This means that you get high-quality coffee grown without pesticides or toxic chemicals.

All our blends each deliver a unique taste and aroma – By carefully hand-roasting our coffee blends, our roasters take care to give each organic whole bean coffee blend an unparalleled taste and aroma with none of the pesticides or synthetic chemicals you might find in other coffee products. You'll find proof of their expertise in each cup that you make of our hand-roasted coffee.

All our blends are hand-roasted and packaged while still fresh – Our roasters are masters at the craft and science of making coffee, ensuring that each roast brings out the full flavor of the coffee beans. These coffee beans are carefully hand-roasted and packaged on the same day – the beans are still warm when we pack them! Using state-of-the-art packaging methods, we maintain the integrity and freshness of our coffee beans without adding any chemicals or preservatives.

All our blends are sourced from Fair Trade producers – Fair Trade organic coffee farmers do not employ underage workers and they pay everyone fairly. They are also required to follow environment-friendly procedures for manufacturing coffee, as well as for waste disposal. Because our coffee blends are certified Fair Trade, you can rest easy knowing that each blend has been sustainably grown by responsible farmers who benefit from our partnership.

All our premium coffee blends are directly imported from small farmer cooperatives across the globe. You can trust that every bean has been ethically and sustainably grown by responsible farmers who care about delivering a good cup of coffee. The result is evident in every delicious cup you drink.

Our Health Ranger Select 100% Organic Hand-Roasted Whole Bean Coffee blends are non-GMO, vegan and certified organic and Fair Trade. They contain no preservatives, pesticides or chemicals and they are also meticulously lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology to ensure that you get the best and cleanest coffee on the market.

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